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Tree Divers 2008

The Tree Divers series came together while Brent was in Jamaica in 2007. At first glance, it may appear that the images are created digitally, but at a closer look it is clear they are real and that the artist has captured and recorded something that gives an amazing insight into the lives of these local men who put themselves at great risk by scaling the brittle sun bleached trees that cling perilously to the cliff edges of Negril on the South West of the island.

Performing with great poise and elegance from makeshift platforms and diving from an exceptional height into the sea below, there are frequently accidents; the diver not only has to scale the tree itself, he then has to achieve perfect balance on the swaying branches before timing his descent, so that he hits the water below on an incoming swell with literally only seconds being the difference between hitting water or jagged rock.

Outstanding portraits of extraordinary acrobatic athletes, the Tree Divers series was shortlisted for the AOP Awards 2008, and in 2009, won 1st place in the editorial category of the International Photography Awards, which is associated with the prestigious Lucie Foundation.

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