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An evolving collection of images by Martin Brent documenting the remains of the gas stations, motels and other businesses which once flourished on this most famous of routes yet now are slowly returning to the land.

The Mother Road, Route 66 from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica California.  The only continuous route across the states for sun seekers and business travellers alike until superseded by Interstate 40 arrived condemning to obsolescence, locking in a million memories from a million journeys into the artefacts surviving along the route.

In these images Im either focusing on the colours and textures of the scene, often a small detail or incorporating the greater scene, showing the context of the main subject, retaining that sense of moving through the landscape, the motels and restaurants being a pause in a bigger story.

Do keep an eye on the blog and Insta for updates as Martin makes new trips and adds to the collection.

Available as open and limited edition archival C type prints.