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Miami Nights

The neon decadence of Miami and lush colours you could literally eat juxtaposed with the mystery of the shadows and a million stories already experienced and waiting to be staged.

The Miami art deco district fronting onto the beach on Ocean Drive is absolutely iconic, no one could fail to recognise the run of neon lit hotels as anywhere else and creating unique imagery of this place will always be a challenge, just another tourist shot would be depressing but the story that revealed itself was so human I had to show it. 

The neons of the various buildings are not always all lit, understandable as the tubes are expensive to maintain, power is furiously expensive. Theres no apparent co-ordination with the neighbours either so what you get is a patchwork, small pools of light which allows the glow of Downtown Miami to fill in the gaps with its mercury vapour and sodium glow.

What this gives us then are tantalising details only,  it leaves you to work out what may lie in the shadows, in the rooms of the dark windows, the illuminated ones more so. 

Available as archival C-type photographic prints in open and limited editions